Note: Omeebashop is going through big changes and because of that it might take us sometimes up to 2weeks to reply to orders. Thanks for your patience :)



to re-invent yourself with the help of my creative work.                                                

We don't need to submit to being slaves of the main fashion, media, big brands and jeans.

You are beautiful in your limitlessness, express it!

Express the warrior of light in you

the dancing goddess in you

your connection to earth with the earthy colours

your sensuality with the delicately chosen shapes

your infinite beauty

express the special being you are with an alternative style.



Omeebashop has been serving you in the festivals since 2005 and the webshop has been working succesfully for 8 years. I prefer a personal way of designer to customer -contact in the order dealing from the automatic webshop systems. That means ordering at omeebashop happens by you and me exchanging a few emails about your wishes, size etc. I figured it keeps a nice personal touch and it provides u with the best choice of sizes, designs and colours fitting together and to your body type!

I fight against unhealthy beauty ideals, size and age racism and the exaggerated consume hysteria of the main fashion by creating clothing that is beyond the "borders" of constantly changing trends. Besides fashion I equally pick up inspiration from the nature, from various cultures and times and alternative lifestyles.