Big Happy News!

Soon to come: will publish a fresh new label of clothing, hEcohEco.

The style of the brand new collection is inspired by nature, simplicity, dance, meditation and healing arts and it's focusing a lot on comfort.

The first collection of hEcohEco for men & women is already for sale in this summer's festivals in Finland. Beautiful knitted bikinis, tops and dresses and comfy shirts and pants suitable for dance&yoga with natural prints for women (now also pregnant women!) and T-shirts for men are available.

Welcome to fall in love with the new style!




to discover Your wonderful body & your expression in a new way with the help of our creative work.                                                

We don't want to submit to the values and ideas of the big fashion industry, media, big brands and jeans companies.

You are beautiful in your limitlessness and we encourage you to express it!


We present values that differ from the unhealthy beauty ideals, size and age racism and the exaggerated consume hysteria of the big fashion industry by creating clothing that is beyond the narrow boundaries of constantly changing trends.


Omeebashop has been serving you in the festivals since 2005 and the webshop has been working succesfully for 9 years. We prefer a personal way of designer to customer -contact in the order dealing from the automatic webshop systems. That means ordering at omeebashop happens by you and me exchanging a few emails about your wishes, size etc. We figured it keeps a nice personal touch and it provides you with the best choice of sizes, designs and colours fitting together and to your personally beautiful body type.